What should you do after tree stump removal?

If you own a garden or backyard, you will probably know the importance of tree removal. Keeping any diseased or decaying tree will only compromise the other surrounding plants, while insects and pests start multiplying there. However, after the removal, the tree stump remains a question left to answer. Most people would suggest that you get rid of it, as it can engender the disease’s spreading. The cost of tree stump removal in Toronto is also quite affordable, so there is no reason not to get it removed by professionals. Several companies might charge different tree stump removal cost in Toronto, but those differences would be negligible.

Now, once you get that removed, what should you do afterward? Most people do not know the answer to this, and usually, they merely let space be as it is. However, it is recommendable not to forget that the place needs to be prepared adequately before you can have more trees. After all, as the old saying goes that you should plant two trees for every felled tree. However, how will you do that if the land is not prepared?

So, what to do when your tree stump is removed? Let’s find out:

Take the essential tools

Before you start working on anything, it is essential to make sure you have the right tools. You will probably require rakes, grass seeds, clippers or saw, and some topsoil. Most tree stump removal companies in Toronto can provide you with these for a negligible cost.


Remove all the debris.

Restoring your backyard like it used to be could be time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, if you want a beautiful landscape, some sweat needs to be shed! You will need to remove any debris that might remain from tree stump removalIf you are uncomfortable doing this by yourself, you can hire gardeners in Toronto at a small cost to complete the task for you. The bottom line is that if there are any wooden chips or exposed roots, you will need to remove those from the ground. Put your rakes, clippers, and saws to fair use and be done with those!

You will need some soil

Once all the debris and wood chips are removed, you might want to level the hole with the rest of your lawn. For that, you will require about two to three bags of topsoil. It is recommendable to even out the soil with your hands, not to have anything clumping together. However, it is further advisable to leave the place a couple of inches higher than the surrounding land. It will settle itself when you start watering.

Putting in the seeds

Whenever you spread the grass seeds with your hand, make sure that you get adequate coverage! Every square inch should get abundant sources, and you can Criss-cross them in any way you desire.

Preparing for growth

After spreading out the seeds, you will need to push them into the ground. You can rake up the seeds into the topsoil. Then it is advisable to cover it up with 1/4th of topsoil. If you do not have enough topsoil, you can also use peat moss.


You will have to keep up with maintenance to ensure the perfect growth of grass or some other plant you were planning on growing. If your area is too dry, you may not see the plants growing correctly. Experts suggest that you use a fine mist to water your soil and the saplings when they start sprouting. If you want to improve the longevity of the tree, you will have to take extra care.

The maintenance of trees in your backyard can demand your constant attention and care. For that reason, many people prefer hiring professionals for the job. However, when opting for tree stump removal in Toronto, you should keep in mind that the financial cost is negligible compared to things that can go wrong with shoddy work. Usually, the stump removal is quite labor-incentive, and you need adequate machines for that. However, some inexperienced service providers can grind it to the ground, resulting in a bare spot. While it is more comfortable, it will become challenging, later on, to rejuvenate that land for greenery. Also, it can hamper your garden landscape’s visual aesthetics. It is for this reason; professional tree stump removal companies from Toronto are preferred. With much lesser costs, they provide you services with the latest technologies.


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