Tree Removal in Toronto is Not DIY Task – An Outright Review

Trees are of many sizes from Giant Redwoods to bonsais. They aren’t always associated with greenery or means of creating wood for construction. Many have delicious fruits that provide a livelihood to farmers, and many flowering trees are used for landscaping and beautifying lawns and gardens.

Everything you need to know about trees in the city

Some breakthroughs in mechanical engineering have created heavy vehicles that can uproot an entire full-grown tree along with its roots. The tree can then be transported to a new location without any damage. It is a dream scenario for many arborists because it means full-grown trees can be added to any piece of land where they’ll take root.

Trees can be a great source of entertainment for kids, climbing, playing on the swing, building a treehouse, and some other fun things. For adults, they are a source for providing shade in the Summer months and oxygen during the day. Some can also calculate how much money could be made from selling its wood for furniture.

When a tree begins to die, it becomes an area of concern for people nearby. If it gets uprooted all of a sudden in a storm, there is a chance of it falling on someone’s house or car, causing hundreds of dollars in damages. The cost of tree removal service in Toronto should be inquired to ascertain if the residents have enough funds to have it removed.

Before a tree begins to die, proper care should be taken to have it removed in time to prevent unnecessary anxiety for residents of the area. A renowned company capable of tree removal service in Toronto should be called for the job. Apart from this, a dying tree is not a pleasant sight.

Trees provide great entertainment for nature lovers who can spend hours watching birds, insects, and other animals. In today’s world full of stadiums and malls, relatively less importance is given to trees. Though, anyone would prefer to have a tree outside their apartment window rather than another block of apartments.

Is the tree dying or dead?

Everyone is not okay with cutting down a healthy tree and might object to the idea strongly.  Some of the best ways of telling a tree is dying or dead before calling a tree removal service in Toronto:

  • Fungus growth – Check the base of the trunk for any signs of fungal growth. If it is growing, this is a sign that the trunk is rotting inside, and the tree is dead.
  • Damage to the tree trunk – Check for vertical cracks on the trunk and check to see if the bark is still growing. If there are many smooth surfaces on the trunk where no bark is growing, then the tree is dead.
  • Bare branches – If the tree has branches without any growth, this would, in most cases, mean it’s dead.
  • Roots are damaged – Check if shoots are appearing at the base of the trunk, this is a sign that the roots are under pressure beneath the surface. Another indication for this is if the tree is lopsided. It might make sense to give the tree the benefit of the doubt and let it grow for a few months. Otherwise, call a company offering tree removal service in Toronto to get it uprooted at the earliest.


  • Scratch or break test – Use a penknife to scratch the surface of a branch; if it’s green inside and moist, the tree is healthy. Alternately, cut a branch and check its inside; if it’s dry and brittle, the tree is dead.

If the cost of tree removal service in Toronto is not too high, have the tree removed to prevent the avoid falling on an overhead powerline or somebody’s roof and create mishappening. If the tree service in Toronto is expensive, wait until you are sure the tree is dead before giving a call. Tree cutting is not a job for the layman and can be dangerous, if handled carelessly. There is sometimes no way of telling in which direction they’ll fall after being cut.

Professional companies offering tree removal services in Toronto have a reason for being relatively expensive. Firstly, they have insurance cover for their employees plus for any property that might be damaged by the tree. They also have harnesses and other advanced equipment to stop the tree from falling in any random direction. It’s better to get to know the estimated cost over the phone before finalizing for availing services.

Trees have many benefits, especially in beautification and adding to the greenery of a designated area. They have a long life, and if trimmed and pruned correctly makes them prettier with age. Unfortunately, a dead tree makes a landscape look hostile and should be removed at the earliest.

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