The top 5 mistakes you can make while trimming your trees

As winter is approaching, it becomes essential to trim and prune your trees to ensure healthy and robust growth! As the trees lie dormant with less or no leaves at this time of the year, making it easy to see all the branches and cuts. Tree trimming helps in growing the branches in the correct direction and prevents any waywardness. Sometimes, the tree’s growth can get stunted with incorrect trim, or worse, you can kill the tree.

Although there are several tree trimming companies in Toronto, many homeowners want to trim the backyard trees all by themselves. While it is a fantastic thing to do on your own, you can also make mistakes. It is recommendable not to try anything if you are not sure of it. You might save a few bucks, but the cost will be higher if things go wrong! If you have been in contact with tree removal companies in Toronto, then you can ask them if they provide tree trimming services too.

In case you are willing to do it entirely on your own, if you have the essential tools and confidence, you should attempt it! However, here are some top mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Cutting the top


This is one classic mistake that homeowners typically make. When the tree is too tall, you might think it’s best to chop off the top. Yikes! That is the worst thing anyone can do to a tree. You will automatically weaken the tree and send it into a shock repair mode if you do it. It will try to regrow the main branch or stem in several places at once! This will make way for a bushy growth, something you might want to avoid as it is space-consuming and not very neat. It might become costly to fix this later on.

For avoiding such situations, you will need to trim the strong lateral branches if you want to reduce the tree’s size.

Letting the branch stubs remain


If you do not prune back to the branch collar, or the trunk, it can lead to “partially amputated” branches that do not heal adequately. These are known as stub cuts and can severally damage the tree’s growth. Usually, homeowners do not know the amount they should cut. That is where hiring tree trimming companies in Toronto becomes an added advantage. Experienced professionals on the teamunderstand the perfect amount of the branches that need to be cut.

Flush cuts

Just as amputated branches are harmful, so are flush cuts. It occurs when you remove even the branch collar! That is where the branches are attached to the trunk and forms a part of the tree’s natural protection. Cutting it will harm the tree. Whenever you hire any tree removal companies in Toronto for tree trimming, they will know the correct cutting technique so that the branch collar remains intact!

Ripping off the bark

It is essential that while trimming the trees, you try to make a clean cut. Heavy branches might fall off and rip the bark, leading to disastrous consequences. Such situations must be highly avoided.

Not taking expert help or advice

Just as the doctors know our bodies better, the botanical experts or tree trimming professionals will know better what makes them thrive. Therefore, it is recommendable to take their advice even if you are doing the task independently. Hence, even if you are not hiring any tree trimming companies in Toronto, it is highly recommendable that you know these beforehand.

Trees are incredibly vital for life on earth. That is why; their proper growth becomes one of the mandatory concerns for all human beings. Having trees near your house will provide shade, comfort, and a healthy environment around your home! However, trees also fall sick; they also develop diseases. In such cases, we generally have no option but to remove it. It is also the case when the trees grow incorrectly, or the branches bend over to stunt their growth. In such cases, you will have to seek the services of tree removal companies in Toronto. If you want to prevent tree removal, then it is best that you either learn the correct trimming methods or you hire professional help.

In this fast-paced world, it can often become challenging to learn tree trimming on your own, especially if you have a job that takes away much of your time and energy. Hence, the tree trimming companies in Toronto are there to help you out! Do check them out for the best services!

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